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Travel Vaccinations




Travel vaccinations are needed at least 1 month prior to travelling to enable them to be effective.    Holiday forms are availble from reception or you can download one by clicking the button below.  Please complete and return it at at least 2 months prior to your holiday so that the nurse will have time to fully assess the immunisations that you need.


Please allow 2 weeks for the information to be available for you.  


Appointments with the nurse are at a premium so the quicker you can advise us about your holiday the better.


If adequate notice isn't given it may not be possible to immunise you and you may have to visit a travel cllinic.  Details of local clinics are available from reception.


The surgery is under no obligation to provide travel vaccinations but is happy to do so where time allows. There may be times when the surgery is particularly busy and you will need to visit a local travel clinic.  

Vaccinations for the following conditions are usually available free on the NHS:



    Diphtheria, polio and tetanus booster    

    Hepatitis A and some combined vaccines such as        

    combined hepatitis A and B  

     Meningitis C            



These vaccines protect against those diseases which are considered to represent the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into the country.



Please note that not all vaccinations are available at the surgery.  Please check at reception for details.

Chargeable Vaccinations:


Hep B      Course of 3    £45.00  

(includes private prescription fee of £10.00)

Hep A       Second dose   £10.00

Rabies      Course of 3     £45.00

(includes private prescription fee of £10.00)

Malaria tablets                £10.00  

(private prescription fee + cost of tablets)


You are also likely to have to pay for your travel vaccinations against Meningococcal Meningitis,

Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis, Japanese Encephalitis and Tick-borne Encephalitis regardless of whether you have them done at your GP surgery or a travel clinic.