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Care Data - Patient Information

The NHS wants to improve the quality of care and health services for all. By using information about the care you receive, those involved in providing care and health services can see how well they are doing, and where improvements need to be made.

As a patient, you may receive care and treatment from a number of places such as your GP practice, hospitals and community services.  By bringing this information together from all the different places, the care provided can be compared from one area to another so that it can be seen what worked best.  Only the minimum information is used and your privacy is protected.  For more information about this please click on either of the  buttons below., or call the dedicated patient information line on 0300 456 3531

NHS Health Checks

If you are over 40 years old you could be entitiled to a NHS Health Check.   This check is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.  It takes approximately 20-30 minutes, so even if you are feeling well, it's worth having the check so we can work with you to lower your chances of developing these health problems in the future.  Please ask at reception if you would like to book an appointment.


For further information call the NHS Health Check helpline on 0845 850 9850 or click on the link below



Are your details up to date?


In order to send text messages to you it is important that you let us know if you change your mobile telephone number.  Please check we have your correct number next time you visit or telephone the surgery.



Accountable/Named GP For All Patients


The practice is required by the Government under the terms of the latest GP contract to allocate all patients a named accountable GP.  All patients are  registered with the practice and you can book an appointment with any of the doctors.  This is purely an administrative exercise in order that patients can have a named responsible GP should they require one.


For convenience if you have a medical card your accountable GP will be the named doctor you are registered with.  Patients registering over the last 2-3 years will not have received a medical card as these are no longer routinely sent when registering with a new GP. However, the practice does keep a record of your registered (accountable) GP.  If you wish to be told the name of your accountable GP, please ask the receptionist when you are next in the surgery.


Please note that there is no need to telephone the practice for this information.


If you need input from a variety of health professionals, then you can discuss these with the named GP if you wish.  Alternatively you can discuss these with any of the other doctors.


Having a named GP does not prevent you from seeing any other doctor in the practice.  Your named GP will not be available at all times and if your needs are urgent, you may need to see an alternative doctor.




Do we have your up to date contact details?


Please inform our reception staff if you change your name, address, home or mobile phone number


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Practice Nurse


Cilla Littmoden is our locum nurse.

Cilla is here all day on Wednesday and on Thursday afternoons